SEOUL, South Korea — Camp Humphreys, the main U.S. Army base in South Korea, has closed one of its main access gates after an incident with a car.

The incident happened about 2 p.m. Saturday and did not involve a gate runner, said garrison spokesman Steven Hoover. He declined to provide more details pending the ongoing investigation.

A photo posted on Facebook showed a four-door car that appeared to have smashed into a raised barrier at the Dongchang-ri gate on Saturday, with the concertina wire and concrete walls that surround the garrison in the background.

The gate has been closed until further notice. The nearby Anjeung-ri gate, which is normally closed on weekends, was opened to facilitate traffic.

It was at least the third gate-related incident this year at Humphreys, which has undergone a major expansion in recent years as part of a frequently delayed plan to relocate most U.S. forces south of Seoul.

In April, a car going the wrong way through another gate prompted a lock-down of the garrison, but authorities said it turned out to be a misunderstanding involving a driver who went the wrong way by accident.

A South Korean man who drove through a gate without authorization was arrested in January.

The population at Humphreys, a sprawling base in the rural area of Pyeongtaek about 40 miles south of Seoul, has mushroomed to nearly 30,000 after the three main military commands (U.S. Forces Korea, Eighth Army and 2nd Infantry Division) moved their headquarters there, along with families and civilian employees.

Some 28,500 U.S. service members are stationed in South Korea, which remains technically at war with the North after their 1950-53 conflict ended in an armistice instead of a peace treaty.

Stars and Stripes reporter Marcus Fichtl contributed to this report.

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