A U.S. Coast Guard crew seized $87 million worth of cocaine in a 50-day counterdrug mission before returning to its homeport in Washington state on Friday, according to reports.

The 75-member crew of the cutter Active — commissioned more than a half-century ago — intercepted three suspected smuggling vessels, which disrupted the movement of nearly 5,794 pounds of illicit drugs, Fox 12 Oregon reported.

The cutter conducted multiple law enforcement boardings across international waters off the coasts of Central America and South America.

The Active, along with several other U.S. Coast Guard cutters, incepted eight smuggling vessels that carriede a total of 11 tons of cocaine, KING 5 Seattle reported.

“I have been continuously impressed with the drive, skill, pride and camaraderie that exists aboard Active,” Capt. Stephen V. Burdian, Active’s commanding officer, told the station.

The Active, a medium-endurance cutter stationed in Port Angeles, Washington was commissioned in 1966, the report said.

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