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Medic Kits for Active Duty Navy

Meet Navy Hospitalman and Somerset High School graduate Drew Pasno and 2 fellow Alpha Company Docs. Drew is an active duty member of Post 111. Drew’s dad is also an active member of the Sons at Post 111.

When Drew was home on leave this year, we asked him how we could best support support him and his fellow servicemen while they were deployed. That was when we learned that (due to various factors) it can be hard for Docs to get their hands on good medical kits in the field.

We asked Drew for a wish list of supplies and submitted that wish list to one of our monthly member meetings. From there it went to an active officer of Post 111 – a retired medic – who confirmed that it was a reasonable list and helped us track down the best sources for military medical supplies.

We received this photo in our thank you letter from Drew and his team. Supplies sent included backpacks, ENT kits, strap cutters, tourniquets, and pulse oximeters.


Gregg’s Meats Care package for Servicemen out on deployment.

The Sons of the American Legion partnered with Gregg’s Meats to send a care package to local active duty serviceman Shane Miller and his Sqad.

To Strengthen a Nation: Prelude

Formation of The American Legion

Mutual Helpfulness

Economic Opportunity

Legion Members Monthly Meeting: Every 3rd Monday at 6:30pm

Members: It’s Your Legion
The Somerset Legion was founded and received its Charter from the National organization on October 22nd, 1919. As a paid member you are part owner in this operation and we would very much like you to be aware of what we are doing and to have your input about what we do on an ongoing basis. It would be especially nice to have as much input as possible to help us get ready for our Centennial Year celebration. The National American Legion Convention will be held this August in Minneapolis. It is the beginning of the Centennial celebration, Minneapolis was the site where the American Legion began with a meeting in 1918 that created the organization and founded the National American Legion being established January 1, 1919. Come and help us make these decisions

What the Heck is a Meat Raffle?

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